Lambeth Mutual AidOver the past few weeks we’ve been linking up people who need help with neighbours to help with things like shopping, picking up medication and other bits and bobs. Sometimes people don’t have cash to pay for things or online banking to transfer money, and we wanted to work out a system which would allow us to still help these people, and make sure that their neighbours aren’t out of pocket either! Lockdown services: So we’ve set up an account with Open Collective, a financial hosting platform. It means that people can donate to a pot of money which will be used to help support people who aren’t able to pay for shopping, or who need support with their bills. For the time being we will only be paying out expenses to requests completed through the Lambeth Mutual Aid Freephone number (0800 009 6504) so we can make sure that the expenses are going to the right places - but we will be looking to expand this service in the future to help as many people as possible!Any questions email